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Let us Remodel Your Kitchen!

We can help you Renovate Your Kitchen in Dubai with our professional team. All the processes will be completed at a fair price and with quality finishing.

Are you thinking about making your Kitchen Stylish? If that’s the case, don’t go anywhere because you landed on the accurate location. Javed Painter Dubai provides Kitchen Renovation Services in Dubai. Kitchen Renovation takes time and effort, but you can see a modern view in your home. Your Kitchen looks outstanding when an expert team of Renovators shows their magic. Javed Painter Dubai can help you feel that magic. We’ll Renovate Your Kitchen in Dubai and make it look outstanding. You’ll be surprised after viewing your kitchen because we will transform its dull look into an eye-catching masterpiece.

We add numerous upgrades to your Kitchen. We’ll mention the enhancements we make when completing the Kitchen Renovation process. The first thing you must have is the budget. Doing Kitchen Renovation requires time, but money is also needed for the renovation. Dubai is an expensive state, and it becomes more costly when you purchase things for renovation. We’ll discuss this too, but let us show some pictures of the Renovated Kitchens. We’ll provide an overview of our Kitchen Renovation Service by sharing some photos. After Javed Painter Dubai’s team renovates your kitchen, you can expect the same model.

Kitchen Renovation Dubai

Kitchen Renovation in Dubai costs money, but spending money to see an eye-catching kitchen in your home is also recommended. We have worked with numerous people who spend loads of cash on Kitchen Renovation. Here are some examples of how your kitchen looks when an expert renovator renovates it.

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Kitchen Renovation in Dubai
Kitchen Remodelling in Dubai
Cheap Kitchen Renovation in Dubai
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Kitchen Renovation Dubai
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Affordable Kitchen Renovation in Dubai

These pictures are shared to show you how your kitchen looks when our team renovates it. Javed Painter Dubai has experts working under it. Kitchen Renovation is easy for them because we have been providing this Kitchen Renovation Service in Dubai for years. Your Kitchen’s appearance will look good because we will work hard to execute the tasks. We’ll share the list of things we upgrade during Kitchen Renovation, but let us share the locations where our team can come and discuss your Kitchen Renovation Project.

Locations Where We Offer Kitchen Renovation in Dubai?

In Dubai, there are Apartments, Villas and Housing Societies everywhere. Indeed Kitchens are also made in those Apartments and Villas. Hence, every living space in Dubai has a Kitchen, and Dubai isn’t a small state. There are many locations in Dubai where Apartments and Villas are built. Reaching those areas is our responsibility. We can reach every place in Dubai because we have the best transport system. We not only reach every location, but we will reach your location on time. Well, here are the locations:

Javed Painter Dubai can help you Renovate your Kitchen if it is located in the Apartments and Villas based in these areas. We have mentioned every area to clear the doubts of our upcoming clients. Your Kitchen will be quickly renovated. Just give us a call if you live in these locations. We’ll gather our team to discuss the project.

How Does Javed Painter Dubai Renovate Your Kitchen?

The Kitchen Renovation process includes numerous things. We also provide Bathroom Renovation Services in Dubai, but the process is different because modernization is made in the bathrooms. The Kitchen Process differs from Bathroom Renovation. Hence, mentioning everything is necessary because missing anything creates doubts. People think that this company hasn’t mentioned a particular thing means that we won’t get this thing renovated, but it isn’t like this. Javed Painter Dubai remodels every single thing in your kitchen.

Deciding The Structure

Javed Painter Dubai will first visit your Apartment or Villa and view your kitchen. We’ll then ask for the changes you want to make in your kitchen structure. People who want to install new cabinets, countertops, and appliances will explain the whole structure to us. We’ll examine your structure and make a plan accordingly. Some people have prepared the best structures, while others make mistakes. We’ll correct your mistakes and devise a new plan to give you the best results.


Storage Requirement is necessary for kitchens because you have to store endless things in Kitchen Cabinets. This demands space, and the people of Dubai have installed different types of cabinets in every kitchen to store multiple things. Upgrading the cabinets is done during Kitchen Renovation. The objective is to achieve more space and install modern cabinets to improve the overall look. This improves the storage capacity of your kitchen, and your milestone of renovating your kitchen is also achieved.


Countertops provide a visually attractive surface for food preparation and other activities. Having an eye-catching countertop improves the overall appearance of your kitchen. Javed Painter Dubai helps you upgrade your Kitchen’s Countertop and makes it look beautiful. You put multiple things on your countertop while cooking and doing other activities. An excellent countertop gives you a stylish surface when cooking or doing any other activity in your kitchen. The countertop’s space also matters. People prefer Granite, Quartz, and Marble when building kitchen countertops. We can help you upgrade your kitchen’s countertop by upgrading its Granite, Quartz, and Marble.


People purchase multiple kitchen appliances, including Air Fryers, Dishwashers, Juicers, Microwave Ovens, and Toasters. Having them is necessary, but matching their color with the Flooring and Countertop can improve the look of your kitchen. People upgrade these appliances when they have the budget, but we recommend choosing the matching colors of these appliances when you have decided to renovate your kitchen. This improves the overall look, and this step might make your kitchen look more eye-catching.


Eye-Catching Flooring in your kitchen improves the overall look. We have worked with numerous people who renovate their kitchens. Flooring is the only thing they want to be the best because it improves the overall view of your kitchen. Everyone notices your Kitchen’s Flooring. Upgrading your Kitchen Flooring is fine for our team, but selecting the type is your decision. People prefer Concrete, Hardwood, Laminated, and Vinyl Flooring in their kitchens. You can see your budget and decide the Flooring you want to be installed in your kitchen when renovating.


Enhancing your kitchen’s lighting also improves visibility. People prefer installing multiple lights in their kitchens. We can also help you install the lights of your choice. Installing multiple lights in specific areas of your kitchen is not a problem for our team. We’d suggest you the colors after seeing your kitchen’s view. Hopefully, you will like our suggestion.


Everyone wants to protect his kitchen walls from splashes and spills. Installing or upgrading the previously installed backsplashes is the best way to protect your walls from splashes and spills. We can help you install eye-catching backsplashes to improve your kitchen’s view. Tiles, Glass, and Metal are the perfect materials to create eye-catching backsplashes in your kitchen. This not only protects your kitchen walls but the view is also improved. We can help you install the backsplash with these variations or upgrade your previously installed backsplashes.

Sink and Faucet

We can help you select the best kitchen sink and faucet to ensure better water efficiency. Upgrading the sinks and faucets can improve the functionality. We’ll check your sinks and faucets during kitchen renovation to see if they work properly. It is good if they work properly, but we can suggest the best sink and faucet for your kitchen if it isn’t working properly.

Plumbing and Fixtures

Every time your kitchen is messed with stuff. Improving your kitchen’s plumbing system, including pipes and fittings, can help you get the best water efficiency, avoid leaks and prevent water damage. If the plumbing system is good, you can comfortably use your kitchen sink and faucet whenever necessary. We are proud of ourselves because we check your kitchen’s plumbing system while finishing our kitchen renovation process.


Each time there is smoke, heat, and odors in your kitchen. Improving your kitchen’s ventilation system is also our priority when renovating. We can install exhaust fans and range hoods to let you enjoy cooking without worrying about smoke, heat, and odors.

Breakfast Bar

People who want extra space for dining, entertaining, and food preparation prefer a breakfast bar in their kitchen. Our team can help you see a breakfast bar in your kitchen if you wish to see it. This can cost more, but you earn extra space for multiple activities. People of Dubai have installed breakfast bars in their kitchens to do various activities.

We upgrade these 10 things when doing a kitchen renovation. You can contact us if you live in Dubai and your kitchen lacks these 10 things. We’ll renovate your kitchen and add these 10 things to give additional beauty to your kitchen. Kitchen Renovation is done to create a comfortable and eye-catching environment. Javed Painter Dubai’s team helps you renovate your kitchen at a reasonable price and with quality work. The Kitchen Renovation Service we provide in Dubai is satisfactory. Not just our clients earn satisfaction, but they also pay less and see the best kitchen in their homes. Remember to hire us for Kitchen Renovation in Dubai. We can remodel your kitchen and make it look eye-catching.

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