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Renovate Your Bathroom With The Best Designs

We’re the Best Contractors in Dubai For Bathroom Renovation. Let us design your bathroom with the best and luxury designs.

Are you searching for a Reputable Bathroom Renovation Contractor? Look no further because you landed on the right page. Javed Painter Dubai provides Bathroom Renovation Services in Dubai. It adds comfort and luxury to your bathrooms by upgrading them with modern stuff. Javed Painter Dubai is famous for Renovating Bathrooms. Transforming your outdated bathrooms into a modern-looking space is fine for our company. We have helped numerous people upgrade their washrooms.

If you live in Dubai and your bathroom demands renovation, don’t go anywhere because Javed Painter Dubai can help you. We’ll change the design of your bathroom and make it look eye-catching. Everything in your bathroom will deliver a unique look, including Bathtubs, Countertops, Flooring, Mirrors, and Plumbing. You’ll be surprised after seeing the upgrades in these things. We upgrade every single object in our client’s bathroom. The complete detail will also be shared, but let us provide a comprehensive overview of the Bathroom Renovation Service we provide in Dubai.

Bathroom Renovation Dubai

Bathroom Renovation includes numerous things. We’ll first share the Renovated Bathrooms to give you an idea of finishing. People need clarification about the finishing. They need to find out the expected look of their bathrooms after renovation. We’ll share some pictures of the renovated bathrooms to give you an idea of how these bathrooms look after they get renovated by a reputable contractor. Here are the views of renovated bathrooms:

Affordable Bathroom Renovation Services in Dubai
Bathroom Renovation Dubai
Bathroom Renovation Services in Dubai
Bathroom Renovation in Dubai
Cheap Bathroom Renovation Services in Dubai
Bathroom Renovation Contractor in Dubai

You can see the eye-catching designs of these bathrooms. Javed Painter Dubai has a team of experts who can make your bathroom look like this. Bathroom Renovation requires hard work. Javed Painter Dubai has a team of hard workers who can renovate your bathrooms and make them look eye-catching. We have experts in our group with expertise in different professions. Renovating Bathrooms, Kitchens, Apartments, and Villas is our profession. And we do this with a passion to satisfy our clients.

Locations Where We Offer Bathroom Renovation in Dubai

We’ll mention the areas we can reach to help you renovate your bathrooms. People hire us to renovate the bathrooms of their Apartments and Villas. We’re comfortable renovating the bathrooms of your Apartments and Villas. You can contact us if your Apartment or Villa is in these areas of Dubai. We’ll reach there with our team.

These are the locations in Dubai where the Javed Painter Dubai team can reach and start working with you on your Bathroom Renovation Project. Your Apartment or Villa must be within Dubai. We won’t come if you live in Ajman and Sharjah. Javed Painter Dubai only renovates the bathrooms of people whose Apartments or Villas are located within Dubai. We receive massive work of Bathroom Renovation in Dubai. That’s why we don’t cover any other state. Remember these locations, and also remember to hire us to renovate your bathrooms.

How Does Javed Painter Dubai Renovate Your Bathrooms?

The Bathroom Renovation process seems simple but requires hard work and planning. Numerous things in bathrooms are included, and they are upgraded separately. This takes time and effort. We’re revealing our process to help you understand the entire procedure.

Discover Your Demand and Budget

Javed Painter Dubai will ask about your demand and budget. Some people have the budget to add modern-looking things to their bathrooms, while others with a low budget prefer things of medium quality. Those medium-quality things seem eye-catching, but they are low prized. Still, they deliver an eye-catching look. Don’t worry about that. The demand will be asked once the budget is known.

We’ll ask about the things you want new. Suppose you want to install new Flooring in your Bathroom. We’ll consult about the types of Flooring you wish to be installed in your Bathroom. Some people prefer Laminated Flooring, and others prefer different things. The quality of that Flooring will also be decided. Hence, everything will be briefly asked before starting the renovation process.


Upgraded Plumbing System in bathrooms is ultimately necessary. This includes Drains, Pipes, and Water Supply Lines. Fixing them is required to ensure smooth water flow from your toilet. Pipes and Water Supply Lines will also be fixed to ensure everything works properly.


Upgrading Flooring is a common and the most important aspect of Bathroom Renovations. Your bathroom’s beauty depends on how beautiful the Flooring is in your bathroom. We can install Tiles, Natural Stones, and Laminated Flooring to upgrade the view. We’ll do this after knowing your demand. Some people prefer Laminated Flooring, while others prefer Tiles. Every person has a different perspective, and we work like our clients want. We can install Laminated if our client is comfortable seeing Laminated Flooring in his bathroom.

Improvement in Wall Structure

Wall Improvement is also made during Bathroom Renovations. We’ll find and fix the cracks and holes in your bathroom walls and paint them to improve the view. This seems likely because upgraded Flooring and Painting enhance the all-around appearance of your bathroom. We provide Painting Services in Dubai. Hence, painting the bathroom walls is easy for our team because we have numerous expert painters working under us.


Fixtures include Bathtubs, Bidets, Faucets, Sinks, Showers, and Toilets. They are also upgraded or fixed during Bathroom Renovation. These are the necessary components of your bathroom. Hence upgrading them is recommended. Installing modern fixtures is recommended because they make your bathroom look stylish. You might have seen numerous Renovated Bathrooms in Dubai. Every bathroom has these Modern Fixtures. They sweeten the view of your bathroom. That’s why utilizing Modern Fixtures during renovation is recommended.

Cabinetry and Storage

Small Sized Bathrooms need proper cabinetry and storage, but bathrooms with medium or large sizes have eye-catching cabinetry and storage. Depending on your bathroom size, we can also add upgrades to your bathroom’s cabinetry and storage to offer more storage space. You can store your bathroom cosmetics and use them whenever you want.


Countertops play a vital role in improving the overall appearance of your bathroom. We can help you install a new, eye-catching countertop packed with granite, quartz, and marble. Every person has a different opinion about this. Some people use granite, and others use marble. It depends on your budget. We’ll install or upgrade your previously installed countertop after knowing your budget.

Lighting and Electrical

Every bathroom has a proper Lighting and Electrical System. These 2 things require small upgrades, but adding task lighting can improve the overall brightness. We can install new lights to enhance your bathroom’s view.

Mirrors and Accessories

Installing new mirrors can also improve the view. It depends on the mirror you use. Some people have installed triangle mirrors, and others use circle mirrors. Both mirrors seem good, but your bathroom size is also noticed. We’ll also install eye-catching Tower Bars, Robe Hooks, and Soap Dispensers to make your bathroom’s view outstanding.

Shower and Bathtub

We can help you upgrade your bathroom’s shower and bathtub. People who renovate bathrooms prefer Walk-in Showers and SPA-Like structures. We are comfortable installing both forms and renovating your bathroom accordingly.

Tiling and Backsplashes

Everyone prefers beautiful Tiles on Walls, Floors, and Backsplashes in their bathrooms because it creates a fresh and appealing look. We can install beautiful Tiles wherever you want. Suppose you want to install a different Tile on your Bathroom Walls and another on the Bathroom Floor. We are comfortable doing this. You’ll witness eye-catching Tiles on Walls, Floors, and Backsplashes. Tile Selection will be your choice. We’ll ask about your budget and install the Tiles in your Bathroom accordingly.


Perfect Ventilation is necessary to prevent mold and moisture issues. Installation of Exhaust Fans is required to give your bathroom an ideal ventilation environment. We also install Exhaust Fans and improve the ventilation system of your bathroom during renovation.

We upgrade 11 things when you get our Bathroom Renovation Service in Dubai. Javed Painter Dubai gives the best results when renovating bathrooms. Everything in your bathroom will deliver a modern look while working properly. Some companies use high-quality stuff, but they don’t fit that stuff. We use high-quality stuff to furnish your bathroom with the best things, and the fitting is ever-lasting. Remember to hire us for Bathroom Renovation. We always strive for quality while providing our Bathroom Renovation Service. We recommend messaging us on our WhatsApp Number or Calling us on our Phone. We respond well to these contact sources. We’ll Renovate Your Bathroom the way you expect from us. That’s all for now. Stay Safe, and Take Care!

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